school Education

We have a strong capability in providing solutions to the vast field of education, minding the root needs of an educational institution and a needy client with the purpose of introducing initiatives in the field while improving teaching and learning opportunities. Campus roles are changing as teaching methods are shifting.

Our simple and innovative software’s with high para-metrics will widely suit the needs of

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Public & Private sector based massive educational institutions

settings Production/Manufacturing

The growing trend and upcoming changes in global market has created more opportunities for manufacturing industry. With our ERP, WaterRoots aligns the strategic objectives of the company to the operational plan in an integrated solution. Further, clients can optimize the efficient use of precious capital that can often be trapped in excess inventories by poorly planned production schedules, inadequately understood or infrequently updated demand plans. Our solution offers faster, more agile ways for manufacturers to increase revenues while containing costs.

With integrated ERP, IoT, and essential sensors, companies can now focus on reducing waste and increasing customer satisfaction. Our initiatives are helping Manufacturers deliver following business outcomes:

  • Customer Experience
  • Business Efficiency
  • Smart Enterprise
  • Connected Experience
  • Advanced Analytics

star Pharmaceutical

Product intricacies, patent expiration, exorbitant pricing and rigid regulations are driving pharmaceutical companies to look for solutions that change prevailing business patterns. WaterRoots capability as an integrated solutions provider has helped gain the trust of numerous clients in the pharmaceutical sector across the globe. We offer integrated solutions for the pharmaceutical industry focusing on patient requirements, simultaneously ensuring cost effectiveness and efficiency for the companies. Our Pharma sector portfolio includes reduction in product cycle-time through high performance IT solutions.

motorcycle Automotive

Automotive Industry has gone beyond just moving vehicles. It is about intelligence, smartness, high performance, eco-friendly, audio video experience, mobility, social media and analytics. It is about providing innovative engineering solutions in a cost effective package. Our solution helps organizations gain visibility and control across all projects, enhancing decision-making, improving alignment with business strategy, maximizing resource utilization, and enhancing project execution to optimize ROI.

local_hospital Hospitality

WaterRoots helps hotel and leisure organizations gain insights and identify trends that can help them manage that growth as profitably as possible. The hospitality industry ranks among the world's fastest-growing, job-creating professions worldwide.

Many Hospitality-focused organizations have a combination of significant capital investments, with complex operating models spanning hotel, food and beverage, gaming, entertainment, conventions, business services, and other unique offerings. In addition, all of them revolve around key sensitivities that sometimes change up to the last minute. Our platform can handle those complex requirements with flexibility, adding the ability to quickly recalculate projections with rapidly changing variables. Weather, convention bookings, renovations, and other unforeseen market changes can all affect your bottom line - especially if a comprehensive planning capability is not part of your portfolio.

call Telecom

Telecom projects are generally very complex and they need to be managed by experts, we let you manage the expertise and we take care of all the technology required to get better insight on the project data. Our Project Management solution is aligning with best practice of project management – initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing.

account_balance Public Sector

Water Roots is ready & fully-equipped to partner with government departments & organizations and capable of implementing projects to improve operational efficiency, cost reduction, faster execution cycles. We can help the government departments and public sectors to harvest the usage of information technology focusing the needs of citizens.

Managing projects is always a challenge, especially when projects involve multiple stakeholders, unclear project requirements, and constrained resources. While the public sector there is a shortage of good project managers. Our product solutions can bring in the significant change in the way projects are planned, monitored and executed. We helps organization effectively to climb the ladder of Project Management maturity by assessing the right need of Training, consulting and right technology to be used to excel in Project Management domain.

business Engineering

WaterRoots engineering & construction management solutions provides all the functionality you need to create, store, retrieve, view, check in, check out, edit and revise documents.

extension IT/ITES

Our portfolio spans from custom development, testing, system integration, deployment to maintenance and support. Our solutions provide easy integration of project management, collaboration, Communication and better solution for teams.

local_shipping Transporation & Logistics

Asset Utilization, asset life, asset usage, supply chain management, freight planning and optimization, operational efficiencies and technology adoption for transportation & logistics(T&L) providers are becoming tough in the growing trend along the global market.

WaterRoots makes to overcome these challenges for the Transportation and Logistics industry with our innovative and dynamic solutions. We deliver digital transformation and technology services that includes - Air, Rail, Road or Shipping and Logistics clients all over the world. With our reliability in IoT, RFID, sensors, Application Development, Testing & Maintenance, Water Roots touches every aspect in this business delivering high value for its clients.

attach_money BFSI

In the banking sector, we specialize in providing advanced solutions with our professionals having expertise and capable of delivering cutting-edge-technology in solutions. We provide solutions that make the massive micro-finance investments, a more simple sector and gives the client the complete control over the management of their complexes financing methods. We provide solutions to:

  • Core and retail banking
  • Credit Cards / Payments / Lending Systems
  • Corporate Banking
  • Private cum Investment Banking